How To Use Video Production for Employee Training and Development

Employee training and development can help create skilled, productive, and motivated employees. Some employers are turning to video production to create training videos for their workforce. Videos can handle orientation, job-specific training, and product training while keeping employees engaged and interested. Moffett Productions can help you create corporate videos that teach and empower your workforce. 

How You Can Use Videos for Employee Training

Moffett Productions can make any training or development video that you have in mind. Businesses often use videos for these types of training:


Videos can teach new hires about your company and prepare them for their positions. Videos allow you to share more about your company’s mission, values, and processes. They can also prepare employees for their jobs by giving them an inside look at the company and their responsibilities.

Job-Specific Training

Job-specific training videos make it easier for employers to teach multiple employees about complex job-specific topics, such as how to work with complicated software. They can be used for new employee onboarding and continued education. Videos can be especially useful for teaching employees about new procedures, responsibilities, and workflow changes.

Product Training

If your company sells a specific product, we can help you create product training videos. These videos are designed to teach your employees how to use your product and familiarize them with its benefits. Your employees can use this information to explain the unique benefits of your product to potential customers. 

Benefits of Using Videos for Training

There are many benefits to using videos for employee training and development efforts, including:


Videos are able to capture and maintain the viewer’s attention. We can incorporate visually appealing graphics, showcase real-life scenarios, and include interactive elements. They can simplify training for complex topics and make bland topics more interesting. These benefits can make the learning process more enjoyable and memorable for your employees.


Videos make it easier for employers to make sure every employee has access to the same information. With in-person training, information can vary based on the instructor. In specific instances, such as compliance training, it may be mandated that every employee receives the same training. Videos can be easily distributed to every employee, and employers can easily track who has and has not watched assigned videos.


While video production does come with an up-front cost, it may lead to cost savings in the long run. Videos can be reused multiple times without incurring additional expenses. They also eliminate the need for in-person training, which can be expensive. This scalability makes video-based training a cost-effective solution, especially for large organizations with diverse training needs.

Use Moffett Productions for Your Video Production 

Including video production in employee training and development programs can help teach employees about complex topics while remaining engaging. Videos offer an easier and more cost-effective option for teaching multiple employees about a topic. They are also versatile and can be made about any subject. Moffett Productions can help improve your efficiency by creating high-quality video and multimedia deliverables that your workforce can enjoy. Contact us today for a free estimate on your project.

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