Moffett Productions is an audio and video production company plus creative agency in Houston, Texas. Our number one priority has and always will be customer satisfaction. Founded in 1988 by the late Bill Moffett, we began as a studio where independent event promoters could get high-quality radio commercials delivered next day. Moffett combined fax machines, overnight fedex delivery, and flat rate pricing to revolutionize the quality of production available to small time promoters instantly. Moffett recognized the value of being able to deliver his passion for audio productions to people that never imagined it possible. With the internet, we all have access to resources at all corners of the globe and it’s easy to take for granted, but the pioneering spirit of our founder has never left us. Our team is constantly learning, evolving, and offering new services so we can continue to deliver production and customer service that clients never imagined they could have.


We believe that if we continue to improve ourselves and over deliver on our promise to every customer, we will be successful. Our clients represent the opportunity each team member has to make their passion their career. It is every employee’s responsibility to serve our clients in a way that never disrespects the amazing gift they bestow upon us.


Chris Wohrer - President

Chris Wohrer is a graduate of SHSU and has been the president at Moffett Productions since 2008. He began his career as an editor and motion graphics artist, then quickly expanded his role into live video production. He is an accomplished cinematographer, producer, and director. He has had one goal for Moffett Productions since his start. That is “We must always continue to learn and continue to improve at our craft. If we do that we will be successful”… Well, we have and we are.

Chris Wohrer President
Jeff Wohrer - Vice President

Jeff Wohrer is a jack of all trades. His utility skills are paramount in the world of production. Sometimes you just need a guy who can answer any question, keep a production moving forward, and keep a team on track. That’s Jeff. Whatever it is, he makes it happen.

Jeff Wohrer Vice President
Joe Krath - Production Director

There is not much that Joe Krath cannot do. His background in creative writing and the fast paced world of radio makes him the perfect fit for managing our clients’ productions. He can write scripts, supervisor post production and even hop on the sticks in the audio studio. When it absolutely positively has to get done and it has to be perfect, Joe is the guy to talk to.

Joe Krath Production Director


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