It’s simple, really. Corporate videos are videos made to promote or advertise a company’s products, services, or brand. Corporate videos are often used as marketing tools to attract and engage customers or clients. In 2023 Corporate videos are even more essential to a business’s success. 


In today’s fast-paced, digital world, a corporate video can provide a major boost to your company’s brand. Not only does a corporate video add credibility and professionalism to your website, but it also tells your company’s powerful story in an engaging way that customers and potential clients won’t soon forget. From promoting products or services to introducing key people in the organization, a corporate video greatly enhances interaction with consumers and helps drive conversions. A great video is also easily shareable on social media, and can be used across multiple marketing platforms like websites, emails, outdoors ads, and more – so you get more bang for your buck! Whatever message you want to communicate with your audience, it’s easier than ever before with a cutting-edge corporate video.


Video can be an effective tool for SEO, as it allows businesses to provide additional information in a format that’s digestible and inviting. By creating engaging visual content tailored to the interests of your target audience, brands can increase visibility and generate interest in the products and services they offer. Videos are not only appealing to potential customers, but they also help businesses climb up the SEO rankings by increasing their total number of indexed pages. Additionally, videos can improve the user experience when it comes to website navigation and show Google that your website is serious about providing quality content. Finally, adding subtitles or transcripts to videos is great for those who cannot view them due to accessibility needs, but it also helps appease the algorithms when it comes to relevancy. All in all, video content has a place when it comes to SEO – use it wisely!


Adding videos to your website is an effective way to reduce bounce rate, as it captures user attention and holds them on the page for longer. Videos can bring otherwise dull topics to life in a more exciting way, engaging users and allowing more time for them to interact with your website. Additionally, videos can creatively deliver more information to users in a shorter amount of time, which explains why most people prefer watching a video over reading text. As such, incorporating videos into your website not only reduces bounce rate but also encourages consumers to remember what you have shared with them about your brand or products.


According to Wistia, people typically only bother reading around 20 percent of the words on a page. Conversely, the completion rate for a 30-second video is around 90 percent. If you want to not only get your point across but have it absorbed and acted upon, then, including videos on your landing pages is the way to go.



Moffett Productions knows that your project is your baby. So the most important part of our job is to make sure you’re happy. We understand that a high-quality video can drastically change your business if done correctly, which is our specialty. Moffett Productions is here to take care of you, just like we have been taking care of all of our clients since 1988.


3 Week turnaround on average. This gives you time to provide needed information, plan for the shoot shoot the video, and allow time for your revisions and final approval. In total the process requires around 50 hours per project. 

The timeline will depend on a number of factors that includes how many videos you’re creating, the length and complexity, and how quickly your team can provide feedback throughout the process. A regular or typical production can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to complete. We provide our clients rush turnarounds, in our first interview we will discuss any specific deadlines in order to provide you an appropriate timeline.

1 round of revisions is included. This is after you’ve approved each step of the process. Scripts, Plans, and talent are all pre-approved during pre-production process. Your round of revisions will be done all at once in the post production process. 

 If you require additional revisions, we will provide you in advance with a quotation of the additional cost.

You can publish your video anywhere you want. Our clients commonly share videos on website and product pages, social media platforms, streaming channels, broadcast TV, and any number of other places that work with their video marketing strategies. We will also provide you with formatted versions for IG/Facebook.The best way to handle this is to plan for this beforehand. 

We understand the goal of the video if to generate more customers. With that in mind we will guide you through the process of developing your video. In our first interview we will fill out a creative brief that will allow us the opportunity to learn more about your company in order to provide you with a video that will communicate your brand story.

With a 48 hour notice we’re very flexible, if within 48 hours we have a small rescheduling fee of $500. The reason for this is we schedule in advance and reserve your spots, so the time is lost for that day. 

As long as we do everything organized and on time, we understand that situations happen and sometimes, production plans need to change. Communicate the changes request to our Project Manager and any details around your production date and will work with you to discuss new options. Rescheduling fees for last-minute changes may apply, but all this information is reviewed in our first interview.

Anywhere in Texas. Travel cost would apply for locations outside of Texas 

Because each video project is unique, we nee to learn more about your business and goals to provide you with accurate pricing information. Our pricing is flat rate and is based off our menu of services. You only pay for the services we need to provide to execute your video and we offer multiple options.



Pre-Production is where we script and plan your video. During pre-production we learn everything we can about your company, services and products to help craft a script and video approach that will yield results. We also map out all the challenges , scheduling and logistics of filming your video.The pre-production process generally involves 1-2 phone calls with your team and questionnaire. We walk you through the entire process and know the right question to ask to guarantee your video is successful.


Lights. Camera. Action! Production is where all the hard work we do in pre production pays off. We show up to your location(s) or are studio ready to  execute the plan and bring your corporate video to life! Our team is professional courtesous and hard working. We will work with your team to make the shoot go super smooth. We


Post- Production is where we take all the footage we filmed and edit it up to make your business and awesome video. Our editors are magicians, they’ll combine your footage with motin  grpahics, and music,  give polish it to perfection! The post- production process  is broken up into 3 parts. We start by establishing the video edit style. We send it to you for feedback to make sure we are on the right track. Next we finish our edit and send for your team to review. Finally you team provides us in tweaks or adjustments you would like and we send you the final version

Let's make something awesome!