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What Goes Into Making a Video Production?

Video production can involve a combination of several different steps in pre-production, production, and post-production. At Moffett Productions, we can guide you through each step of production and through to a launch. Here is what may be involved in your video production: 


When we begin work on your video, there are a few steps involved. First, we start with the pre-production process. This can include:

Concept Development: During concept development, we can discuss the initial idea of the video you want. Developing a concept can include what impact you want the video to have, who your target audience is, the type of storytelling you want, etc. We can help create concepts for commercials, corporate videos, training videos, and more. 

Scriptwriting:  We can assist you in developing a script that outlines the video’s dialogue, narration, and actions. The script should use language that resonates with your target audience and makes the impact you want, whether it’s humorous or informative. Along with script writing, we can also assist you in creating a visual representation of each scene. This helps plan the visual flow of the video. 

Equipment and Crew: We can determine the equipment needed for your video production. We can offer equipment like cameras, lighting, sound gear, or microphones. Our crew members can help guide you and your cast through each part of pre-production and on to filming.


Production is the next step in creating your video. There are a few steps through this process. 

Filming and Direction: During filming, we capture each planned shot according to the script we created during pre-production. Our directors can guide you, the actors, and the crew to create the overall vision of the video. Filming and directing involves shooting scenes several times to make sure your vision is executed the way you want. 

Audio Recording: Our crew members can make sure that the audio of each part of the video is clear. We capture high quality through our microphones and other recording equipment. 


Durint post-production, You get to see your video come together. Here are some of the steps we may take during post-production: 

Video Editing: We assemble the footage we filmed into the proper sequence during video editing. We cut, rearrange, and refine each scene to create your envisioned video. During editing, our editors communicate with you to make sure that we are on track and make any edits you want. 

Visual Effects and Graphics: We can add any necessary visual effects, animations, or graphics to enhance your video. Our editors can add graphics like your brand logo to the end of the video or a call to action. 

Video Production

Pre-production, production, and post-production can involve the above steps. Each video production can differ in complexity, meaning more steps can be added or taken away. At Moffett Productions, we can help create a video for numerous situations and think of ideas that you may not, whether it’s commercials, corporate videos, or training videos. Contact us today to learn more about our video production process and how we can help you. 

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