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Production & Stage Rentals

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Audio & Video

Production & Stage Rentals

Download Stage Rentals PDF


Moffett Productions is home to Houston’s finest studio and stage spaces and they are all available to rent for your project. We house the gear and staff to make any rental a success. Our insert/sound stage offers a place where crews from all over the country can come and work with the tools and resources they expect from a professional video studio space. And our audio studio’s immaculate Digital Audio Workstation and plugin suite, combined with a wonderful array of input options and recording spaces make it a hit too.

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We are home of Houston’s premier sound stage rentals. Moffett Productions offers you a true, three-walled stage with lighting grid and all of the electrical power you can use. We take pride in our Sound Stage and want to be sure that you have the best experience around when you visit us.


Our Audio recording studio is available to you. Our DAW, sound controlled environment, and library of microphones and plugins is at your fingertips. We can staff the room with or without an engineer and it is perfect for ADR sessions, voice over recording, and anything that requires a microphone and a quiet space.


Lighting, grip or camera equipment, we have got rental for you. Let us know what you need and we will make sure it shows up at your shoot on time and working. If you have questions or don’t know what you need, let one of our staff help you out.


We do more that rent equipment and studio spaces; we can even provide production crews. We have access to the best freelance talent in Houston because these are the same people that work in our stage, with our equipment, and our projects every day. If you need a production crew, contact us and get everyone you need, for the rate you need, with one call.

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Download Stage Rentals PDF

Frequently Asked Questions

It’s a 60×40 building, about 2400 sqft. The cyc wall is 22x40x33. The rest is working space.

A bit over 14ft to the grid and 15ft to the drop ceiling.

We say our stage is sound controlled. It is shielded from outside noise, protected from rain noise, and overall a great place to record audio. We have never had any trouble recording audio on any project in this room. That being said, if an ambulance drives by with the sirens on (this never happens) you will hear it.

We do rent by the hour, but there is a 4 hour minimum. Our stage is a space that transforms into your needs. It is flexible and customizable. To accommodate each of our guests, it requires the work of our team to ready the stage for your rental, therefore we do not rent for less than 4 hours.

Our stage is internet ready and we can provide dedicated internet lines if your project requires it. There is a fee for this service. If you do not require a dedicated line you can tap into the office internet for free.

Yes! We are in a blossoming suburb of Houston. There are tons of restaurants, home improvement stores, big box stores and more are all within in a mile or two.



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Tell us about your projects, what equipment, production crew, or sound stage you are looking for, so we can get a feel for your projects.

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We list out all of the items you need and will give you a 1 page proposal. We can usually get this together while we’re talking to you.


Once you have reviewed the estimate, we will go over any last minute details that you might need for your project.

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After we have reviewed all of the details, we can go ahead and schedule your rental(s). We will book it, and have it prepared for you when you arrive.

We Can Help With A Little Or A Lot

  • Sound Stage Rentals
  • Insert Stage
  • Grip Truck
  • HMI LIghting
  • Kino Flos
  • Red Dragon Rentals
  • Arri Alexa Rentals
  • Sound Devices Mixer
  • Sound Mixer Production Crew
  • Camera Operator Production Crew
  • Grip Production Crew
  • Director of Photography / DP
  • Director Production Crew
  • Producer Production Crew
  • Makeup Artist Production Crew
  • Drone Pilot Production Crew
  • Location Scout Production Crew
  • Production Assistant Production Crew


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