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Storytelling has long been an engaging form of attracting customers – except now it is official!

When someone arrives on a landing page and is presented with a wall of text, they often assume they’ve read it all before and quickly click away elsewhere. When they’re presented with a video, however, they’re more likely to stick around long enough to at least watch it. Even if the message of the video doesn’t resonate with them, it may keep them there long enough to increase their interest in whatever you have to offer.

Studies have shown that the average person has an attention span of about eight seconds. It’s little wonder, then, that people are often unwilling to read more than a few lines of text. Videos are more engaging, so they can overcome people’s short attention spans and, in many cases, convert them more quickly.

According to Wistia, people typically only bother reading around 20 percent of the words on a page. Conversely, the completion rate for a 30-second video is around 90 percent. If you want to not only get your point across but have it absorbed and acted upon, then, including videos on your landing pages is the way to go.

Videos on landing pages dramatically boost SEO. According to a study by Forrester, pages with videos are 53 times likelier to rank than those without them. What’s more is that search results that include videos enjoy a 40-percent higher click-through rate than those without them.

3 Week turnaround on average. This gives you time to provide needed information, plan for the shoot shoot the video, and allow time for your revisions and final approval. In total the process requires around 50 hours per project. 

The timeline will depend on a number of factors that includes how many videos you’re creating, the length and complexity, and how quickly your team can provide feedback throughout the process. A regular or typical production can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months to complete. We provide our clients rush turnarounds, in our first interview we will discuss any specific deadlines in order to provide you an appropriate timeline.

1 round of revisions is included. This is after you’ve approved each step of the process. Scripts, Plans, and talent are all pre-approved during pre-production process. Your round of revisions will be done all at once in the post production process. 

Our package includes 3 revisions to complete edited video. If you require additional revisions, we will provide you in advance with a quotation of the additional cost.

You can publish your video anywhere you want. Our clients commonly share videos on website and product pages, social media platforms, streaming channels, broadcast TV, and any number of other places that work with their video marketing strategies. We will also provide you with formatted versions for IG/Facebook.The best way to handle this is to plan for this beforehand. 

We understand the goal of the video if to generate more customers. With that in mind we will guide you through the process of developing your video. In our first interview we will fill out a creative brief that will allow us the opportunity to learn more about your company in order to provide you with a video that will communicate your brand story.

With a 48 hour notice we’re very flexible, if within 48 hours we have a small rescheduling fee of $500. The reason for this is we schedule in advance and reserve your spots, so the time is lost for that day. 

As long as we do everything organized and on time, we understand that situations happen and sometimes, production plans need to change. Communicate the changes request to our Project Manager and any details around your production date and will work with you to discuss new options. Rescheduling fees for last-minute changes may apply, but all this information is reviewed in our first interview.

Anywhere in texas. Travel cost would apply for locations outside of Texas 

Industrial company videos are just that, videos about your company and the services you provide. they give the audience an overview of who you are and what you were about.  They’re a great introduction, they build credibility and allow you to point out key differentiators between you and competitors.  They should focus on creating consideration to do business with you in your buyers mind and generate a certain amount of fear and anxiety if they don’t choose somebody as professional as your team.

Process videos explain to potential customers The process of workflow when dealing with you generally or for a specific product line. They allow potential customers to dig a little bit deeper into what you offer and learn more about your company they also give you a great opportunity to showcase the skills that make you and your team unique, the passion you have for the products and services you provide and most importantly how you  make things easier faster or cheaper for them.

Product videos highlighted specific product or service and it’s unique selling points. These videos are great for highlighting high-performing products or services within your organization that have key benefits for customers. They should  be focused on Educating potential customers and motivating  them to make take the next step and do business with you or give you a try

According to a study by, videos can increase conversions on landing pages by a

According to a study by, videos can increase conversions on landing pages by a



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We will build you a customized package to get your highlight shots, while matching a budget that can work for you

The video production process

1. Teach Us

1 Day
After you have selected to right product for your team. We have a brief kick off call to confirm your...
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2. Let's Make A Plan

1 weeks
We provide you a script for the videos you need and work with you to schedule coordinate you Shoot. If the script or Logostics needs any tweaks we make it happen during this step.

3. Roll Cameras

1 Day
Our team show up onsite ready to film awesome video and make your products and services come to life.
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4. Post Season

1-3 weeks
The day after we film all your footage is loaded into our server & automatically backed up into...
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After you have selected to right product for your team. We have a brief kick off call to confirm your needs, answer your questions, and insured we can create successful videos for your team. Then we provide you our industrial discovery form. This gives us all the information we need from you to make a compelling script for they type of video(s) you have selected.

Our team show up onsite ready to film awesome video and make your products and services come to life. The crew is there to execute the shots the scripts calls for and time permitting any additional items you request. They are yours for 8 hours of filming excluding setup, break down and lunch.

The day after we film all your footage is loaded into our server & automatically backed up into a archive system to keep it safe. Editors will start working immediately and deliver you the first version of your video(s). At this point the video will be 95% done you and your team have a chance to review it and request any changes I provide any insight into the finishing touches you may want. After that we make your requested changes in tweaks in the final video(s) is delivered to you